Dishwasher safe, and biodegradable. Bamboo is non-toxic and is eco-friendly

Benefits of Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrushes popularity has grown massively in the past few years and no wonders why. Instead of being made from a throw away plastic that ends in landfill, the bamboo toothbrushes are made from, as it says, bamboo! Bamboo is a sustainable resource, that is biodegradable, and works just as well as your traditional toothbrush. Dentist recommend that toothbrushes are changed every month to three months, so the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill is outstanding, 4.5 billion a year in fact and it is believed that 1% of all plastic found in the ocean is toothbrush or part of.

Bamboo is a strong replacement for the plastic, and does an exactly equal job. As it grows naturally and in fact grows really quickly, bamboo is a great alternative to plastic for a toothbrush.

So upgrade now and do your small little part to helping save the planet, one bamboo toothbrush at a time.